What software is used to create the images?

Keynote Media - What software is used to create the images?
Over the past few years, a personal style has been evolving with event photography. By consistently and simply attending a few local technology and marketing events, I have been taking snapshots of presenters and listening to what they have to say.

By merging the spoken word, an image, and creativity, a new graphic is put together and shared through various social media channels.

Many times, people have seen the images online and have asked the following question:

“What software are you using to create these images?”

To answer the question very simply, the answer is Adobe Photoshop CS3. This is an older piece of software, but it still works great and there are no complaints from this user. To clarify the question a bit further, I believe many people are looking for a different answer other than Photoshop. Perhaps an app that could accomplish similar results without having to use Photoshop.

In the future, I will be researching and reviewing various pieces of software that can be used to create your own images. Please be sure to check back in the near future or sign-up for the newsletter in order to learn when new content is going to be available.

Thanks for visiting and keep on presenting!

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