Blog Direction
Hello Everyone, Jeremy here with a quick update on the direction of this website and specifically, the blog section
Event Based Visual Storytelling, Smartups, Indianapolis, IN
Hello Everyone, In this article, I would like to share some thoughts about the strategy and approach that went into
Photo Branding 101: A Discussion on Creating Branded Event Images
Hello Everyone, Jeremy here and in this blog post I would like to start building context around the various images
Centric Day of Innovation 2014
Recently, I found myself browsing through various photographs that have been taken in the past and ran across this
Grow Your Online Presence With Event Photography
Over the past two or three years, slow and steady progress has been made in building up a library of photographs an
2015 Indiana Health and Wellness Summit, Event Recap
This past week, on October 7th and 8th, a super interesting event happened here in
Verge at DeveloperTown
Who attended the most recent Verge event?
Verge at Relevance
Recently, I had the honor of attending the latest Verge event which was billed as
Keynote Media - Candidio Workshop
Recently, at the SpeakEasy in Indianapolis, there was
Keynote Media - What software is used to create the images?
Over the past few years, a personal style has been evolving with event photography.
Keynote Media, Areas of Interest
Hello Everyone, as a reference point for this website and blog, there will be a heavy emphasis on photography and o
Keynote Media, The Beginning
This image rocks!  The photo posted in this blog post is straight up inspiring to me.