About Us, Keynote Media

About Us, Keynote Media

Our mission is to capture and promote your message to the world.

At Keynote Media, we realize it takes many years of cultivating your ideas into a solid message that can be effectively delivered to an audience.  We are here to help celebrate and capture the greatest moments of your message by applying over 18 years of professional digital production experience with a variety of creative media.

In every piece of custom content we produce, our aim is very simple... to make you the speaker, look the best and sound the best.

The Person

About Us, Keynote Media
Hello, my name is Jeremy and I am the guy behind this website.  For over twenty years, I have worked in technology based businesses, developing websites, working with data, and enabling marketing departments to help bring their lead generation and nurturing campaigns to life on the internet.  As a business owner today, the majority of my time is spent helping my clients understand how to use technology to help grow their business.

This Website

Keynote Media is to here to recognize and celebrate groups, speakers, and events.  At Keynote Media, we believe great things happen when people come together and support each other through networking, thought leadership, and by simply sharing experiences in a professional environment.  Our efforts are targeted towards assisting groups in business events and conferences with years of experience in online marketing, photography, and overall digital production capabilities.

By consistently building and working on this website, it is my hope to build a platform that can help the following four main audiences in the marketplace:

  • Speakers and Presenters
  • Companies
  • Event Planners
  • Corporate Sponsors
To dig a bit deeper, here are a few sample questions that drive the direction of this endeavour.

  • As a speaker, "How can I stand out from the crowd and build my own platform?"
  • As a company, "What is the ROI of sending my employees to a trade show or business conference?"
  • For event planners, "How can I increase the value for attendees and sponsors?"
  • For corporate sponsors, "What is the ROI of sponsoring an event?"
These may seem like huge challenges, but I am up for the task, so stay tuned and please check back for any updates!