Grow Your Online Presence With Event Photography

Grow Your Online Presence With Event Photography
Over the past two or three years, slow and steady progress has been made in building up a library of photographs and creative image compositions that are focused on events and presentation speakers. During the journey to capture great images, it has been very interesting to see how companies and individuals have been using the photographs to help grow their online presence in the form of corporate marketing and personal branding.

In this blog post are a collection of images from Keynote Media and examples of where they have been used in the open market.

Website Design

In this first example, an image was used as a front page design element on a conference website. The website is here and the event was called, The Masters of Business Online Digital Marketing Conference. The image features Kyle Lacy a well-known author and speaker on topics ranging from marketing, social media, and innovation.

The image was captured at the 2015 Innovation Showcase in Indianapolis, IN. The photograph was used on the front page of a new website design for, in the "About Us" section.

Another image was captured at the 2015 Innovation Showcase. The photo was used on the "Press" page of

Corporate Blog

This was one of the first images to be used on a corporate website. A series of creative image compositions were created and shared on Twitter, then asked permission to use one of the images on a blog post. The article can be viewed here.


This creative image composition was used in a newsletter by Centric Indy which is an organization that promotes innovation in the Indianapolis marketplace. The published newsletter can be seen here.

Twitter Profile Design

Below we have two examples of event imagery being used as a main header graphic on Twitter profile pages. The first image is from @fitlivin and the second image is from Kiko Suarez @JfSuarez.


This is Lawrence McGlown from, a company focused on vendor feedback. Lawrence was the first person to use one of the images on a Medium post. The article can be viewed here.

Facebook Design got extra mileage from one image by using it as a Twitter design element, in a tweet, in a facebook post, and as design element on their Facebook page, which can be seen here.

Event Recap Guides

Here is an example from the marketing event in Indianapolis, IN. Many images were used in an event recap guide that can be downloaded here.

That's a Wrap!

I hope you enjoyed these examples of how event imagery has been used in a variety of marketing and promotional channels. It is great to see how one quality digital asset, (a photograph) can be used to help people and companies grow their businesses and online presence.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime or leave a comment below.

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