Verge at Relevance

Verge at Relevance
Recently, I had the honor of attending the latest Verge event which was billed as Pitch Night at Relevance. If you are not familiar with Verge events, it is a great place for startup founders, investors, and builders the opportunity to meet each other and to build lasting relationships. Feel free to check out the photos and the brief re-cap of the event.

The Setting

The event was held at the Relevance offices, located in downtown Indianapolis, IN.

The Main Event

During the main event, attendees had the opportunity to learn about three new companies that are being launched into the marketplace.

  • Sigstr Is looking to capitalize on email communications between your employees and clients by leveraging the power of the email signature.
  • Rundown Which helps professional publishers, agencies, and brand content teams make awesome content their audience loves.
  • seoClarity Which is an enterprise-level SEO platform that allows companies to manage and scale every element of organic optimization.
After the three pitches, we also had the opportunity to hear the real story of how a local existing technology company successfully re-invented itself.

That's a Wrap!

Below is a collage image to bring the whole evening together in one image. This style of image image could be used as a promotional photo card for Twitter, a newsletter, blog, or many other social media channels.

I hope you enjoyed the images and this photo essay style blog post. The intention is to capture the best moments and to deliver support for events and presenters by creating various digital assets to help deliver your message to the world in a variety of creative formats.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime or leave a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure check back for future event photography!

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