Verge at DeveloperTown

Verge at DeveloperTown
Who attended the most recent Verge event? The Thursday evening event was billed as a Throwback Verge Pitch Night at DeveloperTown. In this blog post, we have a series of images to capture the attendees, the presenters, and the evening overall.

The Setting

Starting around 5:30pm on a Thursday evening, people started to gather at DeveloperTown, which is located here, in Indianapolis, IN. Everyone enjoyed some beverages, food, and spending time catching up with old friends and making new connections.

The Main Event

During the main event, attendees had the opportunity to learn about three companies that are launching or promoting their products and services into the marketplace. Below is a list of companies that hit the main stage.

  • Fit Livin’ will get you motivated to live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Iris Works which is an all-in-one studio management and business solution for photographers.
  • Roust, which is a social network for connecting with others to discuss tough topics like politics, religion and social matters.

Roust is making the pitch for a new social platform.

Iris Works is sharing the vision and success that they have experienced so far by having over two hundred photographers on their platform.

Fit Livin is helping tackle rising healthcare costs by improving the lifestyle of employees through its application.

As the Director of the SpeakEasy, Danielle shared her experiences with her previous startup/company and also the future of our growing entrepreneur community here in Indianapolis.

That's a Wrap!

Below is another group image of the event. The pitches were great, the food and drinks were great, but most of all... taking the time to meet and have fun only adds to the community and the event experience.

I hope you enjoyed the images and this photo essay style blog post. The intention is to capture the best moments and to deliver support for events and presenters by creating various digital assets to help deliver your message to the world in a variety of creative formats.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime or leave a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure check back for future event based media!