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Keynote Media - Candidio Workshop
Recently, at the SpeakEasy in Indianapolis, there was a great opportunity to learn tips and tricks in producing your own web videos from a great local video production company, Candidio, which is a professional video production service offered by 12 Stars Media. For the people in attendance, we learned and discussed topics in the following areas:

  • Equipment options
  • A basic shot list
  • Creating a clear message
  • Shooting video with your smartphone
  • Much more...
Below is a series of snapshots that were taken during the half-day video workshop.

The Setup

To start things off, we have 12 Stars Media co-founder Rocky Walls kicking off the event and laying out the workshop agenda for the group.  We also have members of the team breaking down the finer details of creating a great video, while Rocky wraps up the first segment by sending the group into the real world to start shooting some video.

The Journey Continues

As an interactive exercise, attendees were encouraged to form three different groups, each with its own mission and destination point to gather video footage for their productions. Everyone enjoyed a stroll down the Monon Trail and visited local establishments to ask permission to shoot small video segments.

The Review

After everyone returned from gathering various video clips, we brought everything together and shared the footage in a group setting. Members of the Candidio team were very helpful in reviewing the video clips and facilitating the conversations in a fun and interactive way.

Wrapping It Up

Towards the end of the workshop, food showed up! Everyone filled up on pizza, salad, drinks, and generally spent time getting to know each other.

In Conclusion

Spending time with the 12 Stars Media and Candidio team is always a great way to spend time. If your organization is interested in learning how video can help your business grow, be sure to check out the following resources for news, ideas, and inspiration:

Thanks for stopping by this site and have fun creating your own videos!

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