2015 Indiana Health and Wellness Summit, Event Recap

2015 Indiana Health and Wellness Summit, Event Recap
This past week, on October 7th and 8th, a super interesting event happened here in Indianapolis, IN. The event was called the 2015 Health and Wellness Summit. As a first time participant, I had a great time learning about a different industry, meeting new people, and learning about all the great work people and companies are doing in the areas of health and wellness.

In the following blog post, we have a series of images across the two day event that attempt to capture essence of the event in a photo essay format. We can start our journey by simply taking a look at the front page of the conference agenda where we find the words "Balance, Thrive, Inspire, Live," displayed as a main graphic. This statement is a great frame of reference when viewing the images. It is my hope that you the viewer, can find these sentiments in the photographs below.

The Setting

The event was held at the JW Marriott Indianapolis. If you're not familiar with downtown Indy, it's not hard to miss this hotel, which is actually blue in color.

The Main Event

To kick things off, Stephanie Arne (@StephanieArne) brought the energy to the morning keynote presentation. By sharing her story and experiences, Stephanie had an important message for all of us in attendance. In an attempt to summarize her message, please take a moment to consider the following statement: We should all be aware that our relationship with the planet is affected by our desire for daily conveniences, which come with a cost to the natural world. This was in reference to the number of plastic products that get used, discarded, and potentially end up affecting our ecosystem.

As a group activity to get people up and moving, Zonya Foco (@ZonyaFoco) had everyone on their feet and doing a series of exercises.

A different angle of the group in action with Zonya leading from center stage. The Twitter handle (username) and hashtag lettering on the image were from a graphic that was created during the conference. An example of the image and tweet can be seen here.

Here is Stephanie sharing time and connecting with a conference attendee.

This is Judi Ulrey from Fitness Consulting Inc. This was a nice moment after her presentation when an attendee asked a few follow up questions.

Judi delivered a presentation titled "Influencing Culture Change: Creating a Healthy Workplace." Below is the book she referenced during her talk.

Here is the room during a presentation by Alyssa Pfennig from YogaExec.com. The title of her presentation was, "Unconventional Paths to Reinventing Workplace Culture."

Alyssa also offered Yoga instruction during a break between presentations.

Below we have John Agwunobi, MD, MBA, MPH, Former President, Walmart US Health and Wellness Business Unit. John delivered an energetic presentation titled: "The Customer is Always Right: A New Future for Health Care." This was a very thought provoking speech which supports, promotes, and empowers the customer position in the future of the Health Care industry.

Here is another action shot of Zonya Foco getting everyone moving in the morning.

During another break between presentations, attendees were invited to experience a meditation session.

That's a Wrap!

The 2015 Indiana Health and Wellness Summit was a fantastic event. There were so many interesting areas of focus regarding health and wellness, it is hard to gather them all together into one blog post. After the event, I personally felt a sense of energy, awareness, environmental responsibility, connection, and inspiration. This is a great event that would benefit any individual, company, or organization that is interested in discovering how the industry of Health and Wellness can be very beneficial.

I hope you enjoyed the images in this photo essay style blog post. The intention is to capture the great, the natural moments, and to deliver support for events and presenters by creating digital assets that can help deliver your message to the world.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime or leave a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure check back for future digital media coverage of events and speakers!