Keynote Media, The Beginning

Keynote Media, The Beginning
This image rocks!  The photo posted in this blog post is straight up inspiring to me.  During the design and building of this website, this photo pops up on a daily basis and I would think... "That's right Mr. Johnny C. More photos, more people, more more more."  You see, I thoroughly believe everyone has a special message for the world.  As a photographer, I am here to capture that message and to amplify it in unique and creative ways.  In essence, to make the presenter sound the best and to look the best by bringing together two essential elements, images and the spoken word.

So, when I see the photograph of Johnny Cupcakes with the caption, "Do more of what makes you happy," the message may get modified into the following forms:
  • Do more photography
  • Do more listening
  • Create more permission
  • Make more connections
  • Attend more events
  • Promote more groups
This is my personal direction, which is the direction of Keynote Media.  We are going to celebrate the world by capturing the best images, listening for the best quotes, and wrapping it all together in creative new ways that can be shared with the world.

If you are interested in learning more about Keynote Media, feel free to reach out and contact me here.

Thanks for visiting and keep on presenting!

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